Power Buck 2A Switching 445nm / 405nm Laser Diode Driver

Power Buck 2A Switching 445nm / 405nm Laser Diode Driver
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Power Buck 2A Switching Driver for 445nm / 405nm Laser Diode

Power Buck Laser Driver is a PWM mode switching drivers, which can get a good current control accuracy and high overall efficiency. Therefore it will save 30~40% more power compare to traditional linear driver. The soldering pad position is specially designed for driving 445nm and 405nm laser diode ( laser diode with the same pin configuration such as 638nm diode can also be used ). Built in visable soft start function will let the laser diode turn on from dim to bright in 1-2 seconds. This will give the user adaptation time for their eyes to the laser beam. This will also provide enough reaction time for the user to close the eyes in case the beam is reflected.

Model PBv1
Input  Voltage: 7.4v-8.4v ( 2 x li-ion batteries )
Output Current: 200mA~2A
Dimensions: 10mm×20mm
Working Principle : Switching Control
Warranty: Not Applicable


Important Features for LAZERER'S Power Buck V1:

  1. Up to 90% High Effeciency
  2. Up to 5% Output Current Accuracy
  3. Internal Soft Start ( Diode Protection )
  4. Visable Soft Start ( User Protection )
  5. Mosfet Polarity Protection
  6. Open Circuit Protection
  7. Short Circuit Protection

WARNING: Every single driver is tested in working before sending out. Customer must have basic electronic knowledge in order to purchase and use this item. We won't provide any technical support for building the laser. We won't bear any responsibilities in case buyer find their laser diode is demaged due to wrong current setting or and reason due to the set up or soldering.


Reasons why purchase from LAZERER.com

LAZERER meter all laser before sending out. Power of all laser is Guaranteed when you purchase from LAZERER.com.If you want to understand your laser more. LAZERER will provider a power certificate which is unique for you own ordered laser. LAZERER is the first and only company who will offer this service.

Read more about Power Certificate here.

Componets on the driver broad may changed without any notice





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