LZSK - 445nm 500mW Focusable Blue Laser Pointer

LZSK - 445nm 500mW Focusable Blue Laser Pointer
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LAZERER LZSK - 445nm 500mW Focusable Blue Laser Pointer

Up here you aer looking at LZSK - 445nm 500mW Blue Laser from LAZERER.com. Beautiful finished with cool silver host. Laser is collimated by highly transparent resin lens. which will provide this laser will incredible 600mW~800mW power. Allow you not only pop the ballnoon, ignite the match, but also burn through a white paper. Due to the high heating effect of the laser diode. Please strictly follow the duty cycle to prevent the laser from demaging.

Message from LAZERER: This version is commonly sold as a 1W blue laser at most chinese dropping site. Although the sticker on this laser is showing 1000mW but we find that the actual output of this laser is around 600mW only, so we classified this is a 500mW.

Model LZSK445-500
Wavelength: 445nm ( Blue )
Labled Power: <1000mW
Minimum Power Guarantee: Overspec 450mW~500mW
Operating Current 1000mA
Dimensions: Φ22mm×176mm
Material: Aluminum
Recommended Duty Cycle: 60 seconds on, 60 seconds off
Working Voltage: 7.4v
Battery: 2 x 16430 li-ion Battery
Battery Direction: Case positive. ie. "+" ve toward tail cap.
Warranty: 7 days upon delivery

Package include:

  1. LZSK445-500 500mW 445nm Blue Laser Pointer.

*** If you need battery and charger please visit here***

Reasons why purchase from LAZERER.com

LAZERER meter all laser before sending out. Power of all laser is Guaranteed when you purchase from LAZERER.com.If you want to understand your laser more. LAZERER will provider a power certificate which is unique for you own ordered laser. LAZERER is the first and only company who will offer this service.

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