Power Guaranteed

As many company will claim the power of the laser product to make more profit. Customer cannot find a trustful place to buy laser product. Therefore LAZERER decided to be the fist online store that will test all the laser source before selling and we guarantee the power of them. LAZERE will test each laser one by one after getting them from the factory. We have two Laser power meter. One is laboratory grade meter which can test laser power up to 20W. Another one is the 2.5W Laser power meter with computer interface . We will test each laser on both meter to ensure the accuracy.

How do we rate the power?

LAZERE divide the power into two type. One is "Factory Rate" power and another one is "Actual" power. As every one knows "Factory Rate" power is the power written on the sticker of the laser. Usually it is meaningless because even the same batch of same power laser may varies significantly on the power. In the most wrost situation it is just a tick fooling people. That's why we need to measure.

After the confirmation of the actual power. LAZERER will sell the laser with the price according the Actual power. This is "LAZERER Rate" power. That's why sometime you may get the laser with labelled power higher then the one you are buying. Just because it is over rated.

How do we guarantee the power?

We guarantee the actual power will not 20% lower than the LAZERER Rate power ( The power stated on product page).

For example if you are buying a 200mW laser. We guarantee it have at least 160mW. For those laser have power rang from 150-160mW, we will sell it with 150mW price, on 150mW page. So please don't worry. If you find your laser is under power. Feel free to contact and send back the item. We will test it again for you and offer an exchange.

*** If you are buying IR filter laser. We guarantee the power is 97% from the wavelegth of the laser. For those laser which IR not filterrd. IR power is counted into our calculation. ***

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