Power Certificate

LAZERER is the first online store that will test all the laser source before sending out. We always understand buyer want a high quality laser instead of one with fake power. We guarantee the actual power will not 20% lower than the our rated power. However for some advance player who want to know the exact power output for their ordered laser. It may not be enough. They why we are offer an Power Certificate service.

1. Laser Detail

This region will include the detail of the laser you have purchased. This is the most common information that will include on the sticker of the label. However this is according to our rate, not the factory.


2. Customer information

This region will include the information of the customer and the transcation detail. This is for showing the unique of each power certificate corresponding to each lase we sold. It is unique for each customer also.


3. Power Chart of actual output

Here will include two different chart showing the actual power output with or without the IR filter. It usually showing the first 45 second of the test. The period may be longer for some laser which take longer to reach its stable status ( i.e High power green laser ). It show the stability of the laser and the IR content in the total output.


4. Conclusion

The last part with be the conclusion result of the test. The testing environment and the condition will be recorded. We will calculate the maximun and the stable output for customer. We will state the IR content of the laser as well.

This Power Certificate can be added to any orders. We just charge $2 for handling and printing fee. Purchase a power certificate help you to understanding your laser more. We highly recommend this especially for high power laser.

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