25cm x 21cm Black Flash Paper (4 Sheet pack)

25cm x 21cm Black Flash Paper (4 Sheet pack)
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With Flash Paper you can produce flames with your laser pointer. Flash Paper ignites into a brilliant flame when touched by any heat source like laser beam, lighter or match. This flash paper is special dye in black colour for better adsorb the heat from laser. This allow you to ignite this black flash paper 10 times easiler standard flash paper. Still lighting the match? A time to light something different.

  • Sized 25 x 21cm ( per sheet )
  • Dyed in black for easiler ignition

Package include:

  1. 4 sheet 25x21cm

Laser pointer in third picture is for size comparison only which is NOT included in this item

Please keep as least 1m from the flash paper during the ignition to avoid burned by the flame !!!

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